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Already Making Connections...

Students in Spanish class in Liceo 5, a high school in Maldonado Uruguay, got to work right away today after receiving letters from students in my Spanish as a Foreign Language class.

Students in my classes who were interested in having pen pals wrote about their likes and dislikes, shared their Instagram handles and email addresses, and decorated cards knowing that I would bring them to interested students in Uruguay. Today the Liceo 5 students read through all the letters, chose students with similar interests, connected on Instagram right away, wrote about their own lives, and drew pictures that they want me to bring back home. After class ended several students lined up to give me un saludo and to thank me, it was so sweet. I look forward to the many moments of connection to come as this is just the beginning.

Another super sweet connection is that all the classrooms and people we have visited have given us gifts and letters to welcome us and to take back home. Our cohort spent a few evenings back at our hotel reading through all of the notes and examining the drawings.

The following letters were all from students from 1st-6th grade from Escuela 95, . You can see the care and creativity that they put into these letters. Some of them were even individually addressed to us.

Before I left the states, at the last minute, I ordered 100 cheap business cards. I was really happy to be able to have these to hand out to teachers with the hope of making further connections. We are kept on the go so much in this program that sometimes you only have a moment to share your information. I used Canva to make mine for free, then ordered them through, and I was able to pick them up the next day.

My business card minus my phone number:

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